Let me tell you about the most extravagant aquarium I’ve ever seen:

The aquarium is inside of the Atlantis Resort

Atlantis is located on the Dubai Palm Island

It’s going to be difficult to sum up what I saw that day, but here goes nothing

Have you ever seen the movie Prometheus – Yes the one with the over sized, marshmellowie humanoid aliens.

That and shows such as star gate, or star trek sums up the aquarium.

Imagine props from these alien psy-fye  films in an aquarium, and this is what I saw:

Fish surround Alien alter

We found the arsenal

Fish surround what appears to be controls for a spaceship

Alien Probe

Ancient Ruins with seahorses

Steampunk Alein Firefighter

Creepiest Lobster pen I've ever seen

Alien slowly digests Dave

on a brighter note... Look how colorful they are!!!

Biggest fish I've ever seen

Special Alien pots

Radioactive Jellyfish

We found the alien power generator

I don't even know...

3 Responses to “Aquarium”

  1. joan milano 21. Jan, 2013 3:03 pm

    WOW! Impressive…

  2. cool pix……………would like to see some other resort pix too…water park?

    • I dont have any pictures of the resort, but I will be blogging about the waterpark, so stay tuned!!